The Maintenance Company

After recognizing the market demand for a reliable company to handle every aspect of general and continual home maintenance, we decided to establish a service company that will provide our clients and future customers with a hassle-free program for home management. This program will allow you, the homeowner, to make one phone call and receive the same quality service you are accustomed to receiving from William Andrews Contractor, LLC. Our leverage over a large sub-contractor base and work force allows us to manage your request in an efficient and timely manner.

The Maintenance Company will provide you with a single source of liability and the assurance that each problem, no matter its size or complexity, will be addressed by a staff you can trust and depend upon to do the job correctly. By being part of our maintenance program, you will receive the benefit of our construction knowledge and resources, which will ensure that you get top quality service without the headache. Our goal in establishing this service company is to provide continued service to our valued clients in order to simplify their lives, helping recognize and solve minor maintenance problems before they become major ones and solving any other issues that routinely manifest themselves through the ownership of any home, regardless of its age.

To contact The Maintenance Company, please email us at: services@tmc-tn.com